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Finland is probably the data-friendliest country in Europe. Why? Node-point connectivity between West and East. Super-reliable power grid and infrastructure. Game-changing IT sector and attractive support packages. And that's just starters! Take a look - we have over 50 investment ready sites for your operations.

Finland offers outstanding connectivity and a hub for global data flows

Fast Sea Lion cable provides direct connection

Data centers can save millions in energy costs by locating in Finland

Low-priced energy and an energy tax break give Finland clear cost advantage

Sterling reputation and giant opportunities

Safe haven for data centres

Finland for data centers means stable operations – in every sense

The Data Center Risk Index rates Finland as the safest data center location from natural disasters. Solid digital infrastructure with both strong internet connectivity and reliable power grid ensures safe operations.

Greenfield options

Top offering of premium plots. Strategic location and outstanding connectivity. Easy access to one of Europe's most reliable electricity grids. Minimal permitting and generous support on national and municipal levels.

Brownfield options

Robust industrial and commercial facilities for innovative re-use. Large-scale premises and in-place infrastructure. High availability of cooling water and renewable energy sources. Local expertise in data center conversion and consolidation projects.

Improved connectivity. Low latency. Information-secure data transmission capacity.

Cinia is building the future: a high-quality, cyber-secure data connection through a submarine fiber optic cable running under the Baltic Sea.
It provides direct data access from Finland to the rest of Europe, and it offers the potential for a new high-capacity network connection between eastern and western Europe - and eventually Asia.

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